Horseback Riding


The horse is an animal that returns the love you give it and horse riding is a sport that is not prohibitive for anyone, even a child can deal from a young age with riding as it teach them responsibility, discipline and how to be social.

In the peninsula of Kassandra and in particular in the side road between N. Fokaia and Afitos, a place where the panoramic views of the sea and the pinewood combine to give a pleasant experience is active throughout the year, a dedicated riding learning facility.

You can enjoy the following:

1. Free Riding

Ride horses in beautiful trails in the forest.

2. Sport Riding

Learning riding from experienced, multilingual trainer with international experience and awards, for beginners and advanced. Courses of show jumping and dressage.

3. Courses of therapeutic riding

The riding is definitely a unique experience that will be unforgettable because you will come close with the horses but also you will discover the natural beauty of the region that will fascinate you.

Combine your holiday with a special experience.

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