Nowadays, when we talk about sailing we are talking about the sport that is both exciting and one of the best available because it combines the beauty of the sea with the skills of the athletes.

The Toroneos Bay is a paradise for sailing and the calm clear waters make it one of the safest in the world shipping areas. The sailing holidays in Kassandra Peninsula but also in other peninsulas of Sithonia and Mount Athos, is ideal for both the novice and the experienced due to the geographical location that combines the beauty of the many anchorages and temperate climate.

Well sheltered bays surrounded by pine and olive groves, bustling cosmopolitan villages and endless beaches where you can swim and eat in local restaurants. The sailing will offer you the freedom to get to beaches that are almost magical and accessible only from the sea.

There are marinas at Sani and also in the other peninsulas, as well as ports that can provide security and for supply needs of the vessel.

Exploring the Kassandra Peninsula by sea means is a magical experience!!!!

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