Familiarization Flight - Miniature planes


For fans who want to combine a holiday with friends and their favorite pastime, in Kassandra Peninsula you can combine your love for aeromodelling with family vacations.

On the Peninsula there are many places where you can take off and land your unmanned model.

For fans who want more organized facilities in the region and specifically in Zografou area, only five minutes from Nea Moudania, is the official montelodromio where occasionally competitions of different categories are being held, with the contribution of the Aeromodelling Club of Nea Moudania.


Airplane Addiction flight

Another, unique way, that visitors can enjoy their holidays on the peninsula of Kassandra. With the assistance of the Aero Club of Thessaloniki and the relative cost for 3 people + the driver, you can see the peninsula of Kassandra from heaven.

Experience the beauty of the peninsula, and its villages and be enchanted by the blue waters of both Thermaikos gulf and Toroneos Gulf, discover all bays, endless kilometers of coastline and admire the lush greenery of our region.

The airplane addiction flight is certainly a unique experience that will remain etched deep in your heart.

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