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Olives - Olive Oil

Olives - Olive Oil kassandra halkidiki

The Peninsula of Kassandra, due to its climate and landscape, produces olives and olive oil that stands out for their taste and quality, and at the same time are cultivated with natural, biological methods. Rich in phenological and organoleptic characteristics (substances necessary for the functioning of the human body), the olives are processed with the consumers fulfillment on mind. The high nutritional value and unique taste of olives and olive oil have rendered them as an integral component of the Mediterranean diet. They convert salads and dishes into real culinary delights, in a healthy and delicious way.



Honey kallithea

The Kassandra Peninsula with its rich Flora is a very important honey production site. The large amounts of trace elements in pine honey make it highly nutritious. Today the beekeepers of the Peninsula of Kassandra continue the age’s old traditions of honey production that first praised Aristotle 2300 years ago, saying that honey and its benefits are important for humans because it prolongs people’s life.

Honey kassandra


Jams, Sweets, Liquors, Pasta

Jams, Sweets, Liquors, Pasta Kassandra halkidiki

The women of the Peninsula produce with exceptional skill, handmade pasta, jams, sweets and liqueurs using as raw material locally produced fruits with exceptional taste. The traditional jams and sweets of the Peninsula can make breakfast a unique gastronomical experience for children and adults alike. At Athytos and Kassandria the local women associations are continuing to produce these wonderful and delicious local products with passion.

Jams, Sweets, Liquors, Pasta kassandra halkidiki


Wine, Ouzo, Tsipouro

Wine, Ouzo, Tsipouro Kassandra halkidiki

Local wineries, year after year are becoming better known worldwide, for their new products. Local wine production combines the most prestigious Greek varieties of grapes but also foreign especially French. Combining the traditional ways of production with the best Greek grape varieties, and also the ideal climate conditions of Halkidiki and the passion of the producers, some of the best wines have been made. Local producers from Kassandria and Athytos have been awarded in wine competitions in Greece and abroad advertising the Kassandra Peninsula at the same time.

Wine, Ouzo, Tsipouro kassandra halkidiki

Wine, Ouzo, Tsipouro kassandra halkidiki




Local traditional goat cheese is produced from pure goat milk and has increased protein content. On the mainland of Kassandra Peninsula and especially at the villages of Paliouri and Agia Paraskevi where a lot of farms exist, cheese is produced mainly for local use.

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