Ecotourism, or ecological tourism, nature tourism or naturalist and environmental tourism, are an environmentally responsible travel activity, in relatively intact natural areas, in order to enjoy and get to know a tourist product both natural and integrated into the natural environment.

The Kassandra peninsula with its rich natural and cultural heritage, its landscapes of outstanding beauty, special protection zones, specially protected natural areas, the Natura 2000 network areas, wetlands, its countless kilometers of coastline and thousands of acres of forest land is a magical place.

The peninsula of Kassandra is only in recent years started to become a tourist destination for every seasons thanks to its natural beauty, the variety of the landscape, the cultural heritage, lively local tradition, gastronomy and traditional recipes, but above all for the smile and hospitality of its inhabitants.

It is a place that is still true, authentic and traditional, so whichever route you want to follow, all year round, either by car or on foot, by bicycle, motorbike but either your boat in our seas, will feel the millennia widely known Greek hospitality of the place and its people.

Landscapes of Outstanding Natural Beauty & Special Protection Areas:


1. Lake Mavrobara Polichrono.

Here can be found three rare species of turtles:

a) Emys orbicularis (Carl Linnaeus 1758)

Common name: Stiktolaimi terrapins, Valtochelona.

b) Mauremys caspica (Achille Valenciennes 1833)

Common name: Striped terrapins, Potamochelona, ​​Mafrochelona.

c) Testudo hermanni boettgeri (Mojsisovics 1889)

Common name: Onychochelona, ​​Mediterranean turtle.

Protected by the Bonn Convention N.2719 and the European Union Directive on the conservation of wild flora and fauna, this unique in the Peninsula of Kassandra lake is, causing the admiration of visitors.


2. Nea Fokea wetlands (Stavronikita & Geranium)

The Nea Fokea wetlands are "Special Protection Zone" of network NATURE 2000 (NATURA 2000) with code GR1270013. The habitat is located in the greater Nea Fokea  - Nea Potidea zone and covers an area of ​​4,400 acres. Many of the species are migratory and protected directly or indirectly by international conventions (eg Ramsar, Bern, Rio) and European Directives ( / 409 / EEC on wild birds). The World Wetlands Day is 2 February.


3. Natural harbor Glarokavos (Glarokampos) in Pefkohori

It is a natural port where they find shelter many fishermen and individuals with small boats. On itself is a landscape that is worth to visit. It is a Special Protection Area as it has wild flora and fauna.


4. Lake in Nea Fokea

The recently created lake in Nea Fokea is another natural beauty of the Kassandra Peninsula.

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