Haniotis is a small picturesque village of the Peninsula. The moment you arrive Haniotis, you will be captivated by this small paradise, which is able to satisfy even the most high expectations and guarantees relaxation and an unforgettable stay.

According to the local tradition, its name derives from the first settler, he settled at the south of today’s village (a place called “palio horio”, as “old village”). This first settler appears to have been from Hania, Crete, so the village is called “Haniotis” (meaning from Hania).

There are plenty of apartments, hotels, restaurants and traditional taverns, suitable for families, along with bars and clubs for night entertainment for all ages. Also, basketball and 5x5 football fields, beach volley establishments and plenty of water sports on the beach.

Hanioti has a large and beautiful park on the beach and also many other smaller parks, picturesque squares and tall perennial trees. The city plan is very nice, with a a municipal parking lot in a central position.

The cultural club named “Μetiki” (immigrants), organizes many events throughout the year and the club of volunteers for the environmental protection of Haniotis aim at developing the ecological and environmental consciousness, respect to nature, to the forest and the aquatic flora and fauna, protecting and conserving the natural environment and wildlife of the region, the habitats and aesthetics of the landscape.



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