Afitos ( Athitos)

Afytos or Athytos is a traditional village where visitors can enjoy a walk on cobble streets and a look at the stone built houses. Its position and the view from the “terrace” over Toroneos gulf are iconic.

Guests can enjoy the blue water of its beach and Athitos has to offer apartments, hotels, taverns, restaurants, cafes and bars, where one can have a great vacation time.

There was a settlement in the area since 3000b.C. and Athitos was a significant ancient town, which belonged in the larger Pallini region. The main church of the village, Aghios Dimitrios, lies in the central square and was built in 1857.

In 1980, under the initiative of Nikos Paralis and the Folk club, the Folk Museum was established. The building belonged to Alevra’s family and the exhibition includes farmer tools, household utensils, pottery and often painting exhibitions.

Numerous cultural events take place every summer, organized by the residents of Athitos, with a warm spirit and responsibility, making the village one of the places to be. The local club of “Friends of Folk life and Tradition” is very active.


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