Nea Fokea

Nea Fokea is a refugee settlement established in the 1920’s, on the place where a  monastery farming plant used to be. Its inhabitants’ origin is from the village Fokea, on the Asia Minor coast, close to the city of Smyrni. Its landmark is the Byzantine tower overlooking the small port, built in about 1407, with the purpose of protecting the monastery. Every summer, events take place in the area around the tower, which are part of the Cassandra Festival.

The Sanctuary of St Paul is an underground chamber, probably an ancient grave and later a Byzantine church, where, according to the tradition, St Paul had baptized early Christians when he visited Halkidiki. A festival dedicated to St Paul and St Peter, takes place on the 29th – 30th of June.

Every summer, many tourists visit the village for their holidays. Nea Fokea has apartments, hotels, taverns, bars (some with live music occasionally) and traditional cafes. The people of the village live on tourism, fishing and farming. They produce grocery, honey and ouzo.


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