Kassandrino is a village in the mainland of the Kassandra peninsula, in a valley surrounded by pine forest. It’s a very small traditional village, the name of which derives from the nearby Kassandria, because in Kassandrino there used to be shepherds’ winter refuges.

The valley is protected from the wind and has a calm climate. It was inhabited since the ancient times and through the Byzantine era. It’s witness is the old Trinity church (former catacomb) with marvelous frescos and other remains in the area.

The church of the village is dedicated to St Mary, celebrated every August 15th and was built of local stone in the 1950’s. Three kms away, to the southeast, lies the beautiful small church of St George, in a landscape of centennial trees. Every year, in memory of the Saint, on April 23rd, a traditional festival takes place.

The village has taverns with delicious dishes, super markets, cafes, bars, a bakery and a cultural center, that was built recently by the active local club. The pine forest is very inviting for trekking activities and there are plenty of routes, some of them leading to a beautiful beach in the area.



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