Posidi is a coastal village and is on the western side of the Kassandra peninsula, close to a cape in Thermaikos gulf, in the area of Kalandra, of which Posidi used to be the port. It was known since the ancient times and today is mainly a resort.

The cape of Posidi has a triangular shape and its surface is about one square kilometer. It is formed from the sand that is carried by the waves and the wind. The beach is called Posidio since the ancient times of Mendi. On the beach lie the remains of the Temple of Posidion and a lighthouse that was built on 1864.

There are several hotels, the largest G.T.O. (Hellenic Tourism Organization) camping and the camping of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Also, several picturesque taverns, restaurants, cafes, bars, apartments and rooms are at the disposal of every guest. Locals’ hospitality and the interchanges is natural scenery leave a promise of unforgettable vacations at Posidi.




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