Kalandra is a traditional settlement attached to the prehistoric Mendi. The city of Mendi was very famous in the ancient times, known for its culture and products, especially wine. Its emblem was a donkey. It’s the birth place of Peonios, a sculptor of the 5th century B.C. His greatest works are the statue of Nike in Olympia and two statues of Nike at the front façade of Olympion (columns of Olympic Zeus in Athens). The Nike of Olympia was discovered during the excavation of 1875 and is today exhibited at the local museum of Olympia. Remains of the ancient walls of Mendi are today by the sea.

One kilometer to the west of the village, at a lovely place, there is the church of Panagia Plastariotissa, built in 1619. The frescos in the church show the story of Jesus from His birth to the Crucifixion. The main church of Kalandra, dedicated to Panagia, is at the center of the village from 1900 and is of great architectural interest, being a basilica. It’s celebration is on August 15th. A great festival in honor of Panagia (St Mary) takes place on August 23rd.

Locals are mainly farmers and their main products are olives, oil, honey, cereal, cotton, corn, wine and ouzo. Apartments, rooms, taverns, restaurants, cafes, bars and commercial shops can be found in the village.

Genuine local hospitality leaves a promise of unforgettable holidays in Kalandra.




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