Paliouri is a traditional village, surrounded by natural beauty and deep blue sea. The name came from “paliouria”, a species of thorn bush that was used to fence houses, in the early years. On the same spot, it is believed that there was an ancient city called “Theramvos”.

Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty and wonder around the blasting green trails of the pine woods or in the narrow streets of the village with their traditional colours.

To the southeast of the village, at the end of Toroneos gulf and 6 km to the Kanistro cape, lies the settlement Xyna and 2 more kms further, you meet the settlement of Aghios Nikolaos of Kanistro, where remains have been discovered, that prove the existence of a city.

Hrousso beach has been awarded a blue flag and the the blue sea, the golden sand and the pine trees touching the sea water justify this award.

A significant event takes place on February 28th, with local traditions on the festival of Aghii Theodori, organized by the local cultural club of Paliouri, Theramvos. Another remarkable festival takes place on the April 23rd or the second day of Easter, in honor of Aghios Georgios (St George). On the 15th of August (St Mary’s celebration), a series of events takes place, including traditional music and dance groups and a local delicacy called “starogalo”.



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