The Halkidiki Greece Project

·         Halkidiki – Greece is an extensive project with the intention to increase the popularity of the region Halkidiki and to establish new ways for a gainful cooperation.

·         One topic is providing visitors with extensive information about each specific area in the county Halkidiki including Geography, History, Folklore, Archaeology, Architecture as well as the presentation of the classical and the modern culture in the artistic sense. Focal point is the creation of a representative and cultural platform as a consolidated joint project.

·         The second topic primary deals with the economic & touristic sector where local companies have the opportunity to advertize themselves.


·         General aim of this project is to increase the awareness level of Halkidiki and thus the local tourism, to facilitate cultural exchange, to promote independent small-scale enterprises and to stimulate national as well as international companies for collaboration.

Contact us

Polichrono Halkidiki

63077 Greece

+30 6978099854